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Maps of Pickett's Mill

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The Battle

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Order of Battle

Wargaming Pickett's Mill



4:00 PM

          Generals Wood and Johnson begin forming their divisions for the attack.  It doesn’t take long.  They are already in line and in formation; they simply need to re-orient themselves facing south toward the end of the Confederate line.

          The presence of a corps-sized Union force opposite their lines does not go unnoticed by the Confederates.  General Cleburne orders Granbury’s Brigade to the right of Govan to extend his line.  The men of Granbury’s Brigade are ready and waiting.  They follow their commander at the run and deploy quickly along the southern edge of a deep ravine that empties into Pickett’s Mill Creek further east.

          Meanwhile, Cleburne orders his pioneers to construct trails behind the lines to connect his brigades.  These trails will facilitate the rapid movement of troops to threatened points behind the line and beyond his flanks.  The trails themselves are lost to time, with one exception, and are therefore not shown on the maps.

 3:45 PM 4:30 PM 

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