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Maps of Fort Pulaski

The Battle
    Strategic Situation
    Isolating the Fort
    The Build-Up
    The Aftermath

Then and Now

Order of Battle



The Aftermath

          After the surrender of Fort Pulaski the Union army quickly moved in.  The 7th Connecticut moved over to Cockspur Island and became the new garrison.  They cleaned up the fort, and repaired the walls in several weeks.  Many of the cannons from the batteries on Big Tybee Island were transferred to and installed in Fort Pulaski.
          The Confederate prisoners were transferred north to prison camps, where they were exchanged in late 1862.
          With Fort Pulaski in Union hands, the army abandoned the battery on Jones Island and removed the ordnance for use elsewhere.  The fort remained in Federal hands, effectively blockading Savannah for the rest of the war.

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