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Maps of Fort Pulaski

The Battle
    Strategic Situation
    Isolating the Fort
    The Build-Up
    The Aftermath

Then and Now

Order of Battle



Order of Battle

          The number of men engaged in the actual reduction of Fort Pulaski was quite small.  Those forces were the Confederate garrison of the fort and the Union forces manning the batteries opposing it.  The amount of men and material in the theater of operations was larger.  For the Confederates, this includes the forces stationed in and near the Savannah, as well as smaller garrisons on the outlying islands.  For the Union, it includes the men stationed on Big Tybee Island and the batteries along the Savannah River that cut off traffic and communication between the fort and the city of Savannah.  The order of battle below includes the garrison at Fort Pulaski itself at the time of the bombardment, and the soldiers manning the Federal batteries involved in its reduction.


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