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10:00 PM

           The desultory fire kept up for three hours in the early night.  The musketry would periodically flare up in intensity, and then wane.  General Granbury realizes his men would never be able to rest with the Federals so near his position and keeping up a constant volume of fire.  He asks General Cleburne for permission to clear the enemy from his front, and Cleburne agrees.  At about 10:00 PM, Granbury gives the order to charge.  With a Rebel Yell, the Texans advance down the hill, and Walthall’s Brigade moves forward to fill in the gap in the line.  The Federals give at least a token show of resistance.  Many of them fire at least once before retreating as fast as they can.  Those who can make their way back to the Union lines.  Granbury's men take prisoner those who remained.

          After Knefler’s men retreat Scribner becomes concerned for his now open right flank.  He orders the 74th Ohio to protect the flank.  Colonel Josiah Given of the 74th sends Company A to the right of the 78th Pennsylvania where they form a skirmish line.  When the Confederate skirmishers stumbled upon them in the dark they were unable to tell that the flank is exposed.

 7:00 PM 10:15 PM 

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