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7:00 PM

          The 17th and 9th Kentucky finish redeploying along the fence at the cornfield.  They were still receiving heavy small arms fire from the hill to the left, as well as across the field from Lowrey.  The skirmishers of the 78th Pennsylvania did not connect with or reach as far forward as the 17th.  Colonel Alexander M. Stout of the 17th tried to get the commander of the 78th to move forward and connect with the left of his regiment, but the Pennsylvanians would not.  Stout then appealed to Scribner, but the results were the same. He issued no order to advance the 78th.  The two lines continued to fire at each other in the darkness until the Kentuckians ran out of ammunition.

 6:45 PM 10:00 PM 

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