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5:00 PM

          Hazen’s first line scales the steep southern walls of the ravine only to find Granbury’s Brigade waiting for them at the top.  At a range of only 30 yards the Confederates blast the Union line with their opening volley.  The Federal ranks shiver, then fall to the ground and return fire.  A section of Key’s Battery, located at the top of the ravine, opens fire into Hazen’s flank with devastating effect.

          Hazen’s second line reaches the top of the ridge.  General Granbury notices the Union line moving toward and past his flank, and appeals to Cleburne for help.  Cleburne gets General Govan to send the 8th & 19th Arkansas from his brigade, and sends orders for General Lowrey to bring his brigade over immediately.  General McLean has failed to advance at all or make any show of force. This gives the Confederates a free hand to shuffle troops to the right in response to the threat there.

          Back at the Union lines, General Richard Johnson orders Colonel Scribner to advance his brigade and protect Hazen’s left flank.  Scribner gets his brigade underway at about this time.

 4:45 PM 5:15 PM 

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